In Germany, GSK has 3,600 employees focused on producing and commercialising pharmaceuticals, vaccines and consumer healthcare products. Our Pharmaceutical business operates at three locations in Germany: Munich, Dresden and Marburg. Our Consumer Healthcare business is based in Munich and manages a number of high profile brands including Sensodyne, Voltaren, Odol, Dr.Best, Physiogel and Fenistil.

Social responsibility and sustainability are an integral part of our business in Germany and we support a number of relevant projects such as “Save the Children”, “Wellcome” and “Barrierefrei Studieren”.

So what does this mean for you?

We have a variety of career paths available in Germany, which means we need a range of candidates for the positions available.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Fluent in German and English

Excellent university degree

Qualifying internships in a national/international healthcare company

Internationally mobile

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Career paths available in Germany

Commercial Management (Pharmaceuticals)

Applications are open now
Apply here for candidates with a strong interest in Market Access
Apply here for candidates with a strong interest in Marketing & Sales

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Manufacturing Operations and Quality (Vaccines)

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Strategic Marketing (Vaccines)

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