GSK has a long heritage in Morocco - where we have been operating for 40 years – to bring our innovative medicines and vaccines to those who need them.

Our head office is located in Casablanca and we have over 130 dedicated employees. Casablanca is also the headquarters for our North Africa cluster, including Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. GSK 60% of our marketed product portfolio in Morocco is manufactured locally through local partners. This demonstrates our commitment and our goal to be a long term partner to the Moroccan government, supporting both its public health objectives and pharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities through technology and know-how transfer. 

We are engaged locally with key stakeholders through long term access and science led partnerships to ensure sustainable access to innovative medicines and vaccines and provide high quality independent medical education and science focused services.

So what does this mean for you?

We have the Commercial Management (Pharmaceuticals) career path available in Morocco.

Programmes available in Morocco