Commercial Management (Pharmaceuticals)

What’s this area all about?

Commercial Management in Pharmaceuticals is about bringing medicines to market that save lives and tackle chronic illnesses. Our commercial teams are responsible for understanding our patients, consumers and customers. They then develop and implement strategies so more people can do more, feel better and live longer.

What is this career path like?

Between 1.5-3 years
Between 3-5 rotations

Our Commercial Management graduate pathway will stimulate your early career development through broad-ranging experiences. It’s our aim to equip you to become a future leader in our business. Your development will come through challenging job rotations, supported by formal learning and coaching. You’ll have the benefit of improving your commercial management skills while gaining valuable leadership training in the pharmaceutical industry.

What will I learn?

From the start, your job rotations will provide a high level of responsibility and a breadth of experience across the core areas of our commercial business. You’ll quickly develop the foundation skills, knowledge and experience that a future leader would need to know through graduate-specific leadership training. Specifically, we’ll help you build skills in marketing, sales, and project and customer management. You will attend a number of ‘core’ training courses and also have the opportunity to shape your development and attend courses that are specific to your needs and interests.

What’s expected of me?

We’ll expect you to get involved in managing projects and prioritising a variety of tasks effectively. This means you’ll need to build working relationships with people at all levels of our organisation. In addition, you’ll analyse information and report your findings, so we can identify and understand trends, insights and facts relevant to the fast-moving healthcare industry. We’ll also ask you to help research and source this information. We want you to keep developing new skills and knowledge wherever you find the opportunity.

What do I need to succeed?

A variety of degrees can be successful – from business to science, but you’ll need ambition, commercial awareness and a self-motivated, proactive approach. We’re looking for clear, effective communicators who can quickly build a rapport with a wide range of people. It’s also important that you can adapt to change and keep focused when the pressure is on. Whilst possessing the drive and confidence to trust your own judgement, you’re a real team player who actively collaborates with others. In addition, you’ll need an analytical mind, a talent for multi-tasking and the ability to influence others.

Where can I work?

In Pharmaceuticals, our Commercial Management career path is available in most of the countries listed on our countries page. Initial roles are within your local country. But we’re a truly global organisation, so you may find the opportunity to gain international experience in the future.